GP Connect live within Great North Care Record

GNCR - GP Connect

Great North Care Record (GNCR) has went live with GP Connect (provided by NHS England) the national preferred solution to share primary care data.

This is the first phase of the GP Connect roll out, which includes ten standard HTML reports. They are presented in the ‘GP Records’ widget/pod in GNCR. This change provides a consistent view of primary care data, irrespective of which clinical system is used by the GP Practice.

It’s important that you familiarise yourself with the new connection as there are changes to how some patient demographic differences are identified and actioned. Please use this link to view the latest GP Connect guidance.

A quick demonstration showing you the latest changes is available below.

GP Connect is a first of type for Oracle Cerner and GNCR have the opportunity to pilot this in our region.

This gives us the opportunity to fine-tune certain elements and more importantly, ensure it’s the best and most effective solution for our users. With that in mind, during the go live we will continue to feed our existing connections directly with the primary care suppliers, EMIS and TPP, to ensure that the new service meets our expectations.

This will result in two lots of primary care information flowing into the GP Records widget/pod for a short period of time, until we are confident that the solution is fit for purpose and meets our requirements.

To assist with the transition, the team have put together some useful GP Connect – GNCR FAQs that will help and support any questions or concerns.

If you still require further information, or would like a training session on this, please contact a member of the team at, or book a training course on Training Course Booking.

During the completion of phase 1, the team are also actively working on the delivery of phase 2. Phase 2 of GP Connect will include the roll out of structured data, from primary care, including the following data sets:

• Medications
• Allergies
• Consultations
• Documents
• Investigations
• Problems
• Immunisations
• Diary Entries
• Outbound Referrals
• Uncategorised data (other clinically coded items that are present in the record)

Phase 2 will start in March 2024 and structured data will start to be made available from early summer and you will start to see the above data being presented from Primary Care into the relevant locations within the care record.