The future of healthcare? Well, it’s almost here in the North East and North Cumbria

At the Great North Care Record, we are delighted at the policy announcement from the Secretary of State yesterday with the The future of healthcare: Our vision for digital, data and technology in health and care.

This policy provides us with the mandate we have been working towards as part of our programme. We are joining NHS and social care IT systems from across the North East and North Cumbria to create a truly integrated care record. In this world, both the patient, and the practitioners treating them will have access to their full medical information – with the patient’s permission.

By placing architecture, interoperability and open standards as the core values at the centre, this policy aligns to the Newcastle declaration on interoperability. The core principle on which the Great North Care Record is founded. It means that suppliers to the NHS must comply with this way of working, or they simply don’t provide services to us.

We are working with NHS organisations and local authorities across our region to put this into practice by building a regional care and health information exchange. We can only build this with a set of open standards, agreement on a shared infrastructure and interoperability.

We are ahead of the game in the North East and North Cumbria as we will begin procurement on the system this year and will have the first NHS organisations exchanging data across this exchange in early 2019. Changing culture in the NHS is never easy – but we know we are doing the right thing, by working together with our neighbouring organisations.

By mandating that IT system suppliers work together to interoperate means that we can deliver better, safer care to people living in our region.

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