Regional record sharing project the Great North Care Record (GNCR) has launched a new regional network to encourage greater information sharing across the North East and North Cumbria.
The Great North Care Record is currently supported by Connected Health Cities through a contract with Newcastle University until the end of December 2018. As that contract comes to an end, and the GNCR takes shape, the executive team is seeking to secure its longer-term future.
The Information Commissioners Office has awarded funding to a project at Teesside University to help develop the Great North Care Record privacy tool. The tool will capture patients’ privacy preferences for sharing their information with researchers.

As part of the Great North Care Record project – Connected Health Cities North East and North Cumbria is developing an integrated shared care record for 3.6 million people. The first phase of the project is complete and now all acute trusts, out of hours’ providers, mental health, ambulance and 111 services in the region can access a read-only version of patients’ records – with the patient’s permission.  Use of the care record is planned to be extended to other care providers including local authorities and further healthcare providers – so everyone involved in a patient’s direct care can access, update and share information electronically.

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Information Sharing in the News

We are sure many of you are aware of the media coverage and the concerns that have been raised around General Practice System Supplier, TPP, and their eDSM data sharing programme.

This quite rightly raises anxieties for doctors and patients so we are discussing this with both Clinical Commissioning Groups and General Practice Federations to understand the impact for our practices and the new systems in place.

There is General Practioner Committee  advice around this which we are expecting imminently and will share. In the meantime we draw your attention to the statement issued by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office):

“The ICO has data protection compliance concerns about SystmOne’s enhanced data sharing function and the potential risk to patients’ medical records held by GPs.

 “However, given the possible impact to patient care, the ICO is not advocating that users switch off data sharing at this stage.

 “The ICO’s concerns are centred on the fair and lawful processing of patient data on the system and ensuring adequate security of the patient data on the system. We continue to work closely with TPP, NHS Digital and NHS England and have seen an initial plan that they have put forward. This includes initial steps they are taking to remedy these issues and further work is planned.”

Based on this advice we suggest that practices do not immediately turn off the eDSM function where it is already in place and do not sign or put in place any new arrangements until we have issued further advice and have worked with the whole system to understand the implications and resolutions.

Any patient concerned about their privacy or who would like further information can look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or call the helpline on 0344 811 9587 for further guidance.Dr Joe McDonald
Director GNCR


Great North Care Record signs up nearly all North East GP practices

A single ‘Great North Care Record’ across North East England has take another step forward, with nearly all GPs practices agreeing to share their patient records. About 369 GP practices, or 96% in the North East, have agreed to turn on information sharing, allowing secondary care providers to view the GP records of 3.6 million people.

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Launch of Connected Health Cities (CHC) for the North East and North Cumbria and The Great North Care Record

Over a hundred professionals attended the launch of Connected Health Cities (CHC) for the North East and North Cumbria at The Core, Newcastle upon Tyne on Friday 4 November 2016.  The programme also launched their first flagship initiative the Great North Care Record (GNCR). The video below was shared at the launch and is shown below with thanks to our colleagues in Liverpool who have implemented a similar programme:

Liverpool Movie