Great North Care Record Network

Great North Care Record Network meeting - delegates watching a presentation

Great North Care Record – Network meeting


The Great North Care Record – Network was set up to support the development of the programme.

It provides an opportunity for professionals working in healthcare, social care, academia and the third sector to network. Furthermore, it is not possible to create a regional care record in isolation. We have to bring together the voices and experiences of professionals together so we collaborate and design digital services that work. Networking like this takes us out of our usual organisations, and enables us to work together as a region.

The Great North Care Record is about people – building trust and collaborating as a result creating the right culture for information sharing to grow. The technology which sits behind it is only part of the story. The creation of this network and our teams of teams was fundamental to getting us to where we are today.

The network meets face to face and has a vibrant online network. The network is completely free to join. We encourage anyone working in health or care to connect and collaborate with us. We need an army of professionals to shape the development of the programme – to ensure it remains useful and usable.

Online forum – Discourse

Discourse is our online forum which connects professionals from across health and social care together. In this space, they can come together and discuss, collaborate and share information. You don’t need to be an expert on digital technology. Furthermore we need to hear a range of voices from across the sector so we design and build services that are fit for purpose.

Email to join the online network.