Health and care staff

The Great North Care Record is a way of sharing patient information with health and care workers. It covers the 3.6million people living in the North East and North Cumbria.

It allows information recorded about people’s health and care such as diagnoses and treatments to be shared with different healthcare services.

Phase one: Complete

Phase one of Great North Care Record gave accident and emergency, out of hours, ambulance, mental health and 111-services access to the GP record. This was the first step in the process towards creating an integrated care record. This was vital to get information sharing agreements set up and for the region to adopt data sharing.

Much of the work that has gone on over the last three years was about building the right culture, trust and encouraging collaboration. Likewise, it was about setting up the networks and teams necessary to implement the next stage of the project.

Finally, it was about learning about how we bring different sectors and agencies together to work towards a shared vision.

Phase two: In progress

This animation explains the next phase of the Great North Care Record.

There are three modules which make up the Great North Care Record:

  • A regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) which supports direct patient care, providing a system view of a patient’s record
  • A Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) which provides individuals with access to their own record
  • A Public Health Management system which analyses data from across the system to improve insight and outcomes for people in our region

Three modules of the Great North Care Record. Health Information Exchange, Patient Engagement Platform, Populatio Health Management

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