Health Information Exchange update 16 July 2020

We are continuing to make good progress on the regional implementation of the Health Information Exchange (HIE). We are keen to hear your views and feedback on how the system is working. Please post on this blog below, comment on Discourse or email us your feedback.

We have made a number of changes since our last update. Newcastle Hospitals is publishing more data, we have a new community trust on board and have improved how some community data is displayed.

Newcastle Hospitals – more data available from 16 July 2020

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has made additional data live which completes this phase of their go-live. In addition to appointments, correspondence, radiology reports, laboratory results and demographics data you can now see:

  • Allergies and Adverse Reactions
  • Encounters
  • Problems
  • Procedures
  • Diagnosis
  • Observations
  • Visits

As with the other interfaces, the HIE will populate with data as it processed, historic data has not been migrated in to the HIE.

Community update

Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust is the latest trust to connect their community unit so they are now viewing and sharing data.

Change to TPP community data

Following feedback from clinicians, we have implemented a change on 14 July which has moved the community data from TPP SystmOne from the GP Records tab to Community and Mental Health.

This should make the GP records more obvious as they will now be quite separate from the Community Service Data.

Social care sharing

We have published a new blog about how we are making data available to colleagues in adult social care. This first of these will be Newcastle City Council, Gateshead, Durham and Sunderland City Councils.

What’s coming next?

Cumbria, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust connections have both now been  technically enabled, at the HIE. However, their data flows from the Trusts are not yet activated. These will be switched on in the coming weeks, pending final testing and information governance review.

We will send out further communications as these go live.

We are working with the remaining hospital, community, ambulance and mental health trusts who are due to connect and make data available on the HIE.  We are developing individual timescales for each of them to begin making data available on the HIE. You can see the current status of each organisation’s connection on the HIE page, please note that this is updated weekly. We have also published a data matrix which shows which data is shared from each connection.


If you have any queries or questions about the HIE or the Great North Care Record, contact us, or connect with us on Discourse.

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