Top benefits of the Great North Care Record

  • Timely and safer care by helping to ensure people are seen by the most appropriate professional who has the most up to date information about you
  • You won’t need to answer the same questions many times as professionals will have information from others involved in your care episode available to them
  • Fewer delays while telephone or written requests are submitted
  • Fewer tests being repeated or carried out unnecessarily
  • Clinical staff devoting more time to care, rather than chasing information from different sources
  • Limited information about you is already shared with your GP practice when you visit a hospital or walk-in centre. With the Great North Care Record information from your GP records is shared more comprehensively with hospitals, the ambulance service and out of hours providers so that they can provide you with better care
  • Your patient data will only be used when healthcare professionals are caring for you. If you have chosen to opt out of sharing your GP record, information will not be available for the clinician to review
  • Records handled in a secure and confidential manner