GP Connect: Dual Running of Primary Care Data ends Monday 3rd June 2024

GNCR - GP Connect

Dual running of primary care data from GP Connect and Direct Integration to cease from Monday 3rd June 2024

HTML has now been live for one month within the Great North Care Record (GNCR). Feedback received from users has been very positive and all issues and concerns raised have been actioned and acknowledged.

From Monday 3rd June 2024, HTML will be transitioning to become the main source of GP data. This means, when users access GNCR, from Monday 3rd June 2024, they will start to see one set of GP records — provided from GP Connect. This is only applicable to data that is presented in the ‘GP Records’ widget.

The transition to GP Connect will be done in phases. Please see below the table showing when each GP data feed will become unavailable to end users.

GP Practice System Description Decommission Date
EMIS CRV1 (direct feed between GNCR & EMIS) Currently provides 10 standard reports presented in the ‘GP Records’ widget. Data flowing to GNCR from EMIS practices will cease to flow from Monday 3rd June 2024. Monday 3rd June 2024
EMIS CRV2 (direct feed between GNCR & EMIS) Currently provides structured data in various widgets. Structured data flowing to GNCR will remain and continue to provide data. Not applicable
SystmOne / TPP (direct feed between GNCR & SystmOne) Currently provides 1 ‘All Views’ report in the ‘GP Records’ widget.
Data flowing to GNCR from SystmOne practices will cease to flow over a period of time, starting from 3rd June 2024.
Unfortunately GNCR are not able to disable SystmOne practices all at the same time, this will need to be done manually at each GP practice.
Will begin Monday 3rd June 2024 and continue over a period of several weeks

GP Connect provides a consistent view of primary care data, irrespective of which clinical system that is used by the GP Practice.

If anyone is experiencing any issues with GNCR, please get in touch with the GNCR team via email.

Visit the GP Connect news item to find out more information about GP Connect within GNCR.

Thank you for your continued support.